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How to start

Payment of the course is required.

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DMV Approved Online
Drivers Ed Course

  • CA DMV Approved for Permit
  • 5 DMV Exam Unlimited practices until pass, Fast, Easy and Convenience at your own pace
  • Drivers Ed Certificate will be mailed upon successful completion       



How the course works: (California Resident Only)

  • You will receive a certificate (DL-400C) for the completion of drivers education via mail.
  • The course satisfies the education requirements needed to pass the DMV permit test
  • We also offer a Special Teen Package Discount, which includes online driver education and behind the wheel driver training for students in the Orange County and South Bay areas.
  • As a student, you are required to read all of the unit material and pass all 15-unit tests. Answer correctly 80% of the questions on each test to successfully pass.
  • Make sure that you read Unit 1, take the Unit 1 Test and pass it before proceeding to Unit 2.
  • The videos we offer will help you visualize the information given to you. The videos are optional to view but we do suggest viewing them
  • Once the student has passed the written test and received a driving permit, they are able to schedule their first driver training behind the wheel driving lesson to valid the permit.

Course Outline: 15 Units to complete
Driving is Your Responsibility
The Driver
Natural Forces Affecting the Driver
Signs, Signals and Highway Markings
Vehicle Code and Rules of the Road
Causes and Costs of Accidents
Difference in Urban and Rural Driving
Critical Vehicle Systems and Subsystems
Pedestrian Safety
Effects of Alcohol & Drugs
Motorcycle Safety
Risk Taking & Risk Perception of Teenagers
Substance Abuse
Driving Inexperience
Road Rage

Driver Education Video Topics Include:
Red Asphalt II
Road Rage
Rules of the Road
Safe Driving Practices
Signs and Signals
Basic Speed Law
Driving Responsibilities
Children in Traffic
Right-of-Way Rule
Pavement Markings
Parking Responsibly
Physical Nature of the Driver
Ten reasons for failing the test
Traffic Accident
The lessons
Online Drivers Ed
Special Teen Package
Behind the wheel: Teen
Behind the wheel: Teens & Adults
Behind the wheel: Adults
DMV Road Test
DMV Road Test with 1 hr practice
DMV Road Test with 2 hrs practice