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How to start

Payment of the course is required.

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DMV Approved Online
Drivers Ed Course

  • CA DMV Approved for Permit
  • 5 DMV Exam Unlimited practices until pass, Fast, Easy and Convenience at your own pace
  • Drivers Ed Certificate will be mailed upon successful completion       



How the course works: (California Resident Only)

  • You will receive a certificate (DL-400C) for the completion of drivers education via mail.
  • The course satisfies the education requirements needed to pass the DMV permit test
  • We also offer a Special Teen Package Discount, which includes online driver education and behind the wheel driver training for students in the Orange County and South Bay areas.
  • As a student, you are required to read all of the unit material and pass all 15-unit tests. Answer correctly 80% of the questions on each test to successfully pass.
  • Make sure that you read Unit 1, take the Unit 1 Test and pass it before proceeding to Unit 2.
  • The videos we offer will help you visualize the information given to you. The videos are optional to view but we do suggest viewing them
  • Once the student has passed the written test and received a driving permit, they are able to schedule their first driver training behind the wheel driving lesson to valid the permit.

Course Outline: 15 Units to complete
  • Driving is Your Responsibility
  • The Driver
  • Natural Forces Affecting the Driver
  • Signs, Signals and Highway Markings
  • Vehicle Code and Rules of the Road
  • Causes and Costs of Accidents
  • Difference in Urban and Rural Driving
  • Critical Vehicle Systems and Subsystems
  • Pedestrian Safety
  • Effects of Alcohol & Drugs
  • Motorcycle Safety
  • Risk Taking & Risk Perception of Teenagers
  • Substance Abuse
  • Driving Inexperience
  • Road Rage

Driver Education Video Topics Include:
  • Red Asphalt II
  • Road Rage
  • Rules of the Road
  • Safe Driving Practices
  • Signs and Signals
  • Basic Speed Law
  • Driving Responsibilities
  • Children in Traffic
  • Right-of-Way Rule
  • Pavement Markings
  • Parking Responsibly
  • Physical Nature of the Driver
  • Ten reasons for failing the test
  • Traffic Accident
  • Insurance
  • DUI