Ten top tips
  • Don't assume the cheapest lessons are the best. Concentrate on getting great value for your money. You should get a discount for buying special package deal.
  • Check out how long a 'lesson' really is. Some driving schools offer lessons that are less than an hour long, or pick up and drop off other students on your lesson time.
  • Make sure to ask and check if your driving instructor is a a really licensed driving instructor.
  • Check that the car you'll drive has dual controls and is in good condition. Is there a spare car available in case of breakdown?
  • Check that the instructor can help with your written test such as Online Drivers Ed Course or making an appointment with DVM for your driver training behind the wheel test.
  • Make sure your instructor keeps a record of your progress and follows procedure, and booklets issued by the DMV.
  • Make sure you need to read DMV's Driving Test "How to prepare for your driving test" and go over the Safe Driver Checklist before take the actual behind the wheel test
  • Make sure to check the predrive checklist of the cars and bring all required documents such insurance, regristration card of the car prior go to DMV
  • If fail your test, take at least 2 hours a day, of regular lessons with a EZ Street driving school. The Instructor will advise you on how much driving lessons that you should need.
  • Just a reminder EZ Street Driving has cars available for your driving test at the DMV if you need it.
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Ten top tips