Benefits and Supports

As an EZ Street instructor, you make the decisions. You choose how and when you want to work. The more students you find for yourself, the bigger your paycheck will be. We'll be your supporting network.

Your car

You'll have a new air-conditioned Toyota Prius, with insurance and registration. All your car maintenance and servicing costs are covered, and we'll provide a replacement vehicle within 30 minutes if you need one. All of our vehicles are automatic.

Your Students

While you get established, we will provide students for you. Then as you establish your reputation, you can start to build the business independently.

The Insurance

We'll take care of your car insurance for you. You'll also be covered for professional liability with EZ Street.

Dedicated start-up support

Support When you start with EZ Street, GWC, you'll have a whole team of people behind you. We'll assign a dedicated adviser for your first few months.