Study Tips for preparing California DMV Written Test
Study Tips for preparing California DMV Written Test
The first step to get your Driver’s License is to pass the DMV Written test. Once you pass the DMV Written test then you can practice for driving lessons with your Driving Permit. A score of at least 38 out of 46 on the California's Driver License knowledge test proves you comprehend traffic laws and safety regulations.

Be prepared for the California DMV driving test written exam with the following study habits: 
  1. Prioritize the importance of driver’s ed course

Taking an online driver's education course prepares you for the written driving test. Because it’s online, you can complete it at your own pace. Also, you can learn it on anywhere at your convenience. On DMV website, there are some practices to prepare you for the written test. On most driving school provide Online Driver Ed Course with affordable price. Keep in mind, for a teenager, it is mandatory to take the Online Driver Ed course before go to DMV to take the written test; in which DMV need the pink certificate that mentioned of the driver’s ed course completion.

  1. Study the handbook and take practice tests

Read the California Driver Handbook thoroughly, take notes, and include definitions for unclear terms. Make sure you understand all of the concepts and laws. If you are confused, you can highlight individual sections and research online or ask a professional for clarification. You can even watch videos online to clarify ideas and remember points better. 

  1. Practice test-taking strategies
Make sure you relax and sleep early on the night before your test. During the test, carefully read each question, underlining key terms if needed. If you are not confident about an answer, use the process of elimination and try to narrow down your answer to the best two choices. Use your common sense when deciding on the correct answer. Lastly, be sure to double-check your work in case you missed something.