2 Types of Traffic Signal Lights (GREEN)
2 Types of Traffic Signal Lights (GREEN)


- It means "GO"
- Give the right of way to any vehicles,
   bicyclist, or pedestrian in the intersection
- You may get a ticket if you block the intersection


- It means "GO"
- You must turn in the direction the arrow is
  pointing It allows you to make a "proctected" turn
- Yield ( wait) for any vehicle, bicyclist, or pedestrian 
  still in the intersection

Yes, that's correct. In addition to the standard green light, which indicates that drivers can proceed through an intersection or along a road, there is also the green arrow signal. 

1)  A solid green light means that drivers can proceed straight through the intersection or along the road, as long as it is safe to do so.

2)  A green arrow signal, on the other hand, is a separate signal that indicates drivers can make a turn in the direction of the arrow. For example, a green arrow pointing left means that drivers can turn left, while traffic going straight or turning right must stop.
 It's important to note that drivers should always follow the signals and signs posted at the intersection or along the road, and should only proceed when it is safe to do so, regardless of the type of traffic signal light.